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Sanctified weapons, shields, and armor have combat bonuses against the undead. Bonuses increase with each tier of sanctification, from Tier 1 up to Tier 5. Sanctified weapons can be created and upgraded in tiers using a Cleric's Sanctify (330) spell. Clerics and Paladins can use the ASSESS command to check an item for this property. Sanctified items will also be identified via loresinging. Sanctified items can be temporarily blessed using Bless Item (304).

Gear made from certain materials (white ora, eonake, faewood, and white alloy) are considered holy even if not sanctified, and have some benefits when wielded by Clerics and Paladins. Some items generated through the treasure system may also be considered holy. Holy items can be further sanctified like any other item.

Sanctification confers the following benefits (only) against undead:


  • Normally, undead have a 25% damage resistance against physical damage. A sanctified weapon negates 5% of that damage resistance per tier, removing it completely at Tier 5 for characters of any profession. A weapon that is blessed with Bless Item (304) will temporarily remove all damage resistance while the bless charges persist. For Clerics and Paladins only, simply wielding any holy or sanctified weapon of any tier removes all damage resistance.
  • Melee/ranged weapons gain a bonus of +2 AS (versus undead) per tier.
  • Runestaves gain a bonus of +2 AS and +1.2 CS (versus undead) per tier.
  • When noncorporeal undead are defeated, there is a +20% chance per tier to anchor its remains to prevent it from immediately dissipating, allowing the remains to be searched.
  • At Tier 5 sanctification, trained Clerics can further imbue the weapon with permanent holy fire flares, dealing an additional 50 to 100 concussion damage upon a flare (or 75 to 125 in the hands of a Cleric).

Defensive Gear:

  • Targets wielding a sanctified shield, or torso armor gain a bonus of +2 DS, +1.2 TD (versus undead attacks) and +1 effective level vs undead sheer fear, per tier.
  • Targets wielding a sanctified runestaff gain a bonus of +1 DS, +0.6 TD (versus undead attacks) and +0.5 effective level vs undead sheer fear, per tier.
  • Runestaff or shield stack with torso armor, but runestaff and shields do not stack with each other.