Enruned black ora heart

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Enruned black ora hearts were first introduced as the prize at the end of the Necropolis at Ebon Gate 2013, the second year at Feywrot Mire. It is a self-charging, three times a day item that had the option of four different spells: Dauntless, Prayer, Cloak of Shadows, and Bravery. Each year allowed for either upgrading (more casts per day) or the option for a new heart with a different spell. When RAISED, there is a chance the heart will curse you. In 2015, a new addition allowed players to purchase an item from the Simucoin Store that uncursed the heart as well as changing its appearance. In Ebon Gate 2016, the finale of the storyline allowed players to unlock the full potential of the heart as a spirit battery.


The creator has also provided the following information:

This is a magical item that has some special properties.  Casting Elemental Detection (spell 405) will offer more information.

The ball of ether has received the finale upgrade from the Necropolis.

It has the following abilities:
  INFUSE - Removes one spirit point at a time with a 24 hour cool down.  Stores spirit
           and cannot exceed the number of charges that the ether has.
  DRAW   - Restore spirit that is being stored.  This is an all or nothing feature.

Loresong/Elemental Detection

You sense that the black ora heart is a magic item that contains the Prayer spell with a total of 3 charges when fully charged.  It recharges a single use roughly every 480 minutes.  The heart hasn't been used recently.  The heart has a darkness within, and will occasionally curse itself and some of your inventory.



You raise your black ora heart skyward!
  1d100: 26 + Modifiers: 131 == 157

The runes on the black ora heart flare up and glow dark violet.
Turning your thoughts inward, you ask for the majesty of your deity to protect you.  The scent of something burning drifts past, and you sense that your prayer has been granted.
A darkness forms around your black ora heart, and settles over you.

Ether Infusion

>infuse ether
Infusing the prismatic ether with your black ora heart, you begin to feel a spiritual connection between you and the heart.  Searing white glyphs light up on the floor of the temple, causing the entire structure to rumble for a moment.  Visions of shackled prisoners cloud your thoughts as you see an ethereal lich performing a ritual on one of the captives.  The lich summons one of them and presses a skeletal hand into their chest, tearing into their flesh and extracting their beating heart.  The heart becomes encased in black ora and the lich tosses it into a sepulcher.  The lich turns to you and shrieks, "You don't belong here, not yet!"  The vision fades and you notice you're in a weakened state and only holding a prismatic ball of ether.