Essit Leiffen

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Essit Leiffen
Storyline Clipped Wings
Gender female
Race human
Status dead
Hometown Mist Harbor
Relationship(s) adopted daughter/sibling of Palorus Leiffen and Socius Leiffen

Essit was an adoptive sibling of Socius Leiffen, and lived on Four Winds Isle. She died as a young child in an accident in Saewehna Jungle, having fallen off a cliff while playing. In Lormesta 5120, Selbi used a construct of Essit to trick Socius into submission, making him believe the girl was alive, but being held as a thrall by Selbi herself. It was later revealed to be a trick, and Essit truly had died at a young age.


You see Essit Leiffen.
She appears to be a Human.
She is partially translucent.  She appears to be in the prime of life.  She has tired milky white eyes and ghostly pale skin.  She has flowing, wispy auburn hair haphazardly pulled back into a leather thong.  She has a gaunt face and a slender nose.  Tightly cinched around her throat is a golden collar, far more opaque in appearance than the rest of her.  Trailing away from the collar is a golden chain, which vanishes after a few scant links.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a slender leather pouch, some ghostly white boots, some ghostly white breeches, and a simple grey tunic.