Ethereal deep blue phoenix

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The ethereal deep blue phoenix was a souvenir item given out at the Solstice Dreams - Foehn's Promise event in 2005. It is an attuned pet housed in a silver-based sleek crystal sphere that is worn around the neck.

An additional phoenix was raffled at the Treasure Trove portion of the August 2019 Duskruin Arena event. It is housed in a verdigris bronze-based polished glass sphere.

Putting a gem on the phoenix will change the creature's tail description.


an ethereal deep blue phoenix whorled with facets of <color> <gem>

The deep blue phoenix is a creature of pure wonder and beauty, its slender, elegant body wreathed in flames of spectral sapphire hue -- its feathers rustling in an unfelt breeze as they shed tiny motes of glowing blue that dance upon the air like fireflies before fading away.  Its gemlike eyes regard everything with a curious nature, and it moves as if it were a painting in motion, constantly redrawn and rendered beautifully upon a living canvas rather than anything of this world.  The icy flames swirl about it in lurid spirals and intricate halos as it flows on unseen currents of air, letting loose delicate, barely heard trills that twinkle lightly on the air.  Within the nebulous, translucent body of the phoenix are shards of violet sapphire, roiling throughout its flames and tossed about to catch the light in odd, glimmering angles as they whirl heedlessly in a ethereal dance of beauty within the majestic creature.
Crafted out of sleek, translucent crystal, the sphere depicts a haunting image of a rising phoenix, its flamed wings and long, regal body fashioned entirely from a spectral blue sapphire.  Though its shades are of winter, the skillful cuts made throughout the intricate statue impart a dazzling inner fire to the jewel, each facet a multi-hued mirror of ethereal beauty.  A fine, silver scrollwork base holds the sphere in place, its delicate construction a perfect compliment to the piece.


You analyze your sleek crystal sphere and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

This is a magical sphere that summons a phoenix.  It belongs to you.

RUB the sphere to summon the an ethereal phoenix.
STARE at the sphere to call it back to its home.  If your phoenix is lost, try to STARE at the sphere.

You get no sense of whether or not the sphere may be further lightened.

Interactive Scripts

  • Put <gem> on phoenix
You hold out your hand, and the deep blue phoenix whirls slowly, the spectral sapphire flames engulfing its wings burning brightly for a moment as it lifts the sapphire from your hands, bringing it to its beak as its frigid eyes study the angles of the sapphire intently. And then the tiny jewel floats *into* the semi-translucent form of the phoenix where it explodes, sending shards of the sapphire across the ephemeral bird's body. The flames around it build higher and higher, until the sapphire is no more, and the appearance of the phoenix appears drastically changed.
  • Tap
You make a tapping motion with your fingers, and the phoenix trills a delicate, haunting melody that rings with crystal-like tones.
  • Pet
The phoenix swoops down over you as you reach out towards it, and you lightly stroke its soft, illusory feathers -- the flames bathing your hand in an eerie blue glow as they blaze and writhe in pleasure.
  • Hold
As you raise your hand, the deep blue phoenix swoops down and swirls about it in a frenzied spiral of flames, the sapphire inferno roiling about your outstretched hand before it dies down.
  • Wave
You wave your hand through the ethereal form of the phoenix, and miniature whorls of blazing blue flame trail coldly along your fingertips.


  • Stare (when phoenix is not out)
You stare into the depths of your sleek crystal sphere, but don't note anything unusual.
  • Stare (when phoenix is out)
The phoenix dives and swoops in elaborate circles around you, as if drawn to the sphere in your hands as you stare at the elaborate sculpture within the confines of the glass. As it swirls and dives, it let loose a shrill, piercing cry, the sound resembling an echo long ago heard. The scuplture within your sphere begins to take on the icy blue hue of the phoenix, and soon the illusionary bird fades away entirely, its ephemeral form drifting away on an unseen current of wind as the statue in your hands regains its shining beauty once more.
  • Rub (when phoenix is not out)
You rub the sleek crystal sphere, and within moments a blue fire races across the crystalline surface of the statue within, flickering and burning with a pulsating radiance. The surface of the statue ruffles with ghostly, spectral feathers as the glow rises up from within the glass, shining with the icy hues of frigid snow-capped mountains. The silhouette of a fiery bird rises upwards from the sphere and takes shape, the twin blazing orbs of its eyes reflecting a miniature world of blizzards and raging storms.
And then the silhouette dims slightly, revealing the form of an ethereal deep blue phoenix.
  • Rub (when phoenix is out)
You have unleashed the essence already!
  • Turn
You turn the sleek crystal sphere, admiring the glimmering facets of the phoenix statue within.
  • Tilt
You tilt the sleek crystal sphere from side to side, creating a miniature blizzard against the glittering statue within.

Ambient Messaging

An ethereal deep blue phoenix whorled with facets of pink pearl slowly swoops in, leaving glimmering sapphire flames in its wake.

The deep blue phoenix lightly plays with a tendril of itself, pushing the tiny corkscrew spiral of pale sapphire through the air with a nudge of its flaming wings.

The deep blue phoenix swoops and dives, leaving glimmering trails of sapphire sparkles in its wake.

The deep blue phoenix flaps its wings slowly, peeling off glimmering flames that freeze in the air before fading away.

The deep blue phoenix grooms its fiery feathers, pushing aside bits of pink pearl within itself

The deep blue phoenix swoops back and forth, trilling a quiet song as it floats upon its ethereal wings.

The deep blue phoenix lazily drifts about, its shimmering jewel-like eyes taking in the surroundings.

The deep blue phoenix slowly spreads its wings and hovers lazily through the air, the myriad of sapphire motes drifting along its feathers resembling an unearthly tapestry of the sky.

The deep blue phoenix swerves in tight circles around the area, the pink pearl spread throughout its ethereal, illusory form glinting with warped reflections of its wavering sapphire flames.

The deep blue phoenix swirls its wings in an intricate flurry of flame, the pink pearl within it jingling like tiny bells as they're swept up in the furious dance of fire.

The deep blue phoenix's tail feathers twirl gracefully in the air, glimmering motes of tiny blue light falling off them like a soft flurry of clouds.

The deep blue phoenix lazily circles the area, its feathers sending down glimmering motes of silvery-bluish light that dance around the area like frozen stars.

The deep blue phoenix sings a quiet song as it drifts, one that is both beautiful and sad.

The deep blue phoenix suddenly flares up with writhing flames for a moment, their edges tipped in brilliant violet hues.