Executioner's Stance

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Executioner's Stance
Mnemonic [executioner]
Activating Verb CMAN
Type Martial Stance
Stamina Cost 20
Requirements a two-handed weapon or two-handed polearm
Available To Warriors
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 3  
5 -


Carry through the momentum of your killing blow to strike another target.


If you slay a creature with a two-handed weapon attack while in this stance, you have a chance to maintain your momentum and continue the attack onto another foe in the room. This chance is 5% + 15% per rank. The secondary attack will have an AS penalty of -25 and cannot occur more than once per attack.

If you fail to maintain your momentum into a second attack and you have 3 more ranks of Staggering Blow, you will still have a chance to knock the corpse of your slain foe into another foe in the room. If you are successful, that foe will suffer a RT penalty.

Additional Information



You swing a bronze-tipped kelyn claidhmore at a snowy cockatrice!
AS: +139 vs DS: +13 with AvD: +31 + d100 roll: +45 = +202
  ... and hit for 94 points of damage!
  Left leg ripped from socket at the knee!
  A snowy cockatrice writhes around, screeching!
The snowy cockatrice screams evilly one last time and goes still.

Barely breaking your momentum, you continue on to attack a greater ice spider!

You swing a bronze-tipped kelyn claidhmore at a greater ice spider!
AS: +114 vs DS: +47 with AvD: +31 + d100 roll: +89 = +187
  ... and hit for 79 points of damage!
  Hard slash to the greater ice spider's side!
  Right arm no longer available for use.
A greater ice spider flails in agony, cradling its mangled right foreleg.
The greater ice spider collapses to the ground and dies.