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Gender female
Race Burghal gnome
Profession Tinker
Status retired

Eza Mkaria was a gnomish merchant aboard the Dhu Gillywack. She owned the shop Eza's Trinkets, a shop that sold various and sundry items.


You see Eza Mkaria the Tinker Gnome Merchant.
She appears to be in her 120's, has lank, oily ebon hair, dark beady eyes, and filthy, soot-covered skin.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a tarnished length of pipe in her right hand.
She is wearing a goody bag, a star-shaped silver amulet, a fluffy dandelion, a deep purple violet, some dark leather sandals, a soft doeskin skirt fastened at the side with a copper clasp, a sturdy copper-buckled apron, a soft doeskin satchel clasped with a tarnished copper coin, an oil-stained keepsake pouch, an ancient elven ankle bracelet, and a green tinged copper earring. 

Behind the Scenes

At some point, the merchants Essa and Eza became confused, leading the hats and toppers created by Essa to end up being called Ezza Hats.