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Ezre Soul-spin is a halfling cleric of Oleani that at one time was a citizen of Solhaven. For a short time Ezre was the Captain of the Triage Units in H.E.R.T.


You see Ezre Soul-Spin.

He appears to be a Paradis Halfling.

He appears to be full grown and short. He has sparkling crystal blue eyes and rosy skin. He has short, curly copper red hair with lighter streaks. He has a round face, a freckled nose and large feet.

He has an old battle scar across his chest.

He is holding a snow white rose of Oleani in his right hand.

He is wearing a gold ring, a tanned wide-brim hat, a black-edged silver vultite shield, a crystal amulet, a jam-stained short leather jacket, some shortened jam-splattered pants, a silver-edged blue pelican feather, and some imflass chain mail.