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Category: Races
Topic: Dark Elves
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Date: 08/18/2013 10:03 PM CDT
Subject: OOC meeting review

Tonight we had a very productive meeting. Thank you for the excellent discussions and insight.

Things in the works:

2 new documents in the not too distant future: Faendryl Social Structure and dark elven lore written by players during the CCF.

Library in the Ta'Illistim embassy

More lore, player or gm written

racial clothing, from different regions

possible lesser spirit: Noi'sho'rah

  • This is very much up in the air. There are a lot of reasons for and against. You can feel free to send me discussion on the topic and what mechanical advantages you feel would come with it. This would be very resource intensive IF it was even cleared to happen, so I need really good reasons for proposing such a huge change to DE lore.

More leniency within Ta'illstim: Most likely will not happen any time soon.

The Palestra is equal to the Hall of Mages with regard to membership. It would take an NPC awarding membership and deciding a PC is worthy. Please do not ask merchants for Palestra items, they will only be released through official means.

More NPC interaction, more stories and events for dark elves.

feel free to mail me food and drink ideas at any time!

~ Valyrka ~

Category: Races
Topic: Dark Elves
Message #: 366
Date: 04/20/2015 12:26 AM EDT
Subject: OOC meeting review

Below is a synopsis of things covered tonight.

Players would like to see:

  • Non-999 choice for arkati... perhaps a Dhe'nar or Faendryl choice.
  • A way for pcs to earn titles similar to the humans ~ a comparison to the Imperial ranks, structure, and so forth. Knighthoods and magisters and such from among the player base."
  • A story for dark elves
  • Dhe'nar elf event
  • Wyrdeep elves being a culture
  • someone who will come out to continue rune teaching with a warning about going against Basilican laws
  • Wedding items based off the Faendryl Wedding Document.

The GM Says:

  • Send any ideas for events, items ,food etc for the faendryl symposium.
  • Any race may attend, but some events may for for Faendryl only.
  • The no official PC Palestra stance will not change
  • A faendryl socio-political document is actively being worked on
  • Send all ideas and documents GM Valyrka's way. There is no guarantee they will be turned into a document, but she wants to read them!

Pardon my typos, my wrist issues were acting up. :(

Also, thank you for being so passionate about your race and cultures. It is awesome to see!

and thank you for not making me get out my fire proof big girl pants.

If I missed something feel free to correct me.

Thanks all,

MS. V signing off.

~ Valyrka ~

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