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The Hall of Mages is the premier academy of magic in the Turamzzyrian Empire.

Emperor Immuros Kestrel established the academy in 4362 in Tamzyrr as a response to the departure of non-human magic users following Chaston's Edict. Since that time, the academy has flourished and greatly increased the number of highly trained magic users in the empire. Since its inception, it has been in the control of the Kestrel family, and its only competitor, The Arcanum, was destroyed in a magical disaster in 4565. Another result of the disaster led to the Empress at the time, Verranna Chandrennin, to order that the Hall of Mages guide and restrict elemental magic in the Empire.

By 5054, the Hall of Mages had established satellite colleges in Nydds and Elstreth, but due to soaring student population, created five more arcane colleges. Some of the popularity is derived from the tales of the Imperial Drakes, magic users trained for war.

Officially, control of the Hall of Mages falls to the Royal Magister of the Empire. The Magister controls all magical arts in the Empire. As the Kestrels have controlled the position since its inception, there has been no change in family leadership of the Hall of Mages.