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Noi'sho'rah was an elf and role model for the Dhe'nar.

Noi'sho'rah lived around -50,000 prior to the time that the elven houses formed. He served as an acolyte to the Arkati and protested the formation of the houses. He had a disciple, and future leader of the Dhe'nar, Tahlad Tsi'shalar, whom he taught that the way of the Arkati was the path to strength and should be followed. Reportedly, Noi'sho'rah sought to convince Korthyr Faendryl of his ways, but was rebuffed by the future first Patriarch of the House of Faendryl. Under the belief that the elves would not accept his lessons, Noi'sho'rah prophesied:

"Know you that if the elven nation falls, if you fail to follow the true way, the dead themselves shall rise up against you. There shall come one with more power than has ever been wielded and she shall lay your Houses to waste. You shall stand helpless before her, your own petty bickering paving the way for her to take even the mightiest of your cities. Her touch shall be felt for generations and you shall never again rise to the power you had before her arrival. For those that follow the way, there shall be a steady rise in power. The way shall lead them to safety, even in the midst of the greatest danger to face Elanthia. Those who remain firm in the faith will never need fear retribution. Lose your way and you will feel fire from the heavens. Always though, the way stands open, even for those who have lost it. Return again to your beliefs and you shall regain your favor with the Arkati. I go now to stand with the Arkati, and my eyes shall be on my people always." [1]

Noi'sho'rah purportedly then ascended to live with the Arkati, never to be seen or heard from again.


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