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Use Arrow, Shield, Staff
Bonus +20
ST/DU 5/20
Rarity Unusual
Special Properties Holy
Primary Color Unknown
Dyeable Yes

A favorite of Imaera's, faewood has long been a preferred material for use in holy items. A tall tree with a rounded crown, the faewood greets spring with upright clusters of showy white flowers that are exceptionally fragrant. It is said that one can locate a faewood tree in spring from a mile or more distance. The tree's foliage is dark green and short-stalked, and its smooth bark is brown to gray. Faewood trees yield a pale brown, smooth or slightly pitted fruit that contains shiny brown seeds. These seeds are known to have healing properties, but they require refinement for in their natural state, they are poisonous.

In the spring the faewood is festooned with upright clusters of beautiful and fragrant white flowers - so fragrant, in fact, that one can locate a tree from far off simply by following the wondrous scent.