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A holy armament is a piece of equipment that has been prepared for use against the undead by clerics and paladins.

  • When used by members of those professions, it provides the benefits of bless, removing the normal penalties for physically attacking undead targets with it.
  • Holy armaments do not receive any other benefits of blessing.


Holy armaments can be identified through ASSESS by a cleric or paladin.

Certain materials will produce holy armaments when used to make weapons, shields, armor, or armor accessories.

  • Eonake, white ora, white alloy, and faewood are materials with the inherent property.
  • Occasionally, holy armaments besides the materials listed can be found in the treasure system.
  • Items can sometimes be made into holy armaments through paid services.

Spell Interactions:

The Paladin spell Consecrate (1604) works only on holy armaments, while Holy Weapon (1625) will make the paladin's chosen weapon a holy armament.


Holy Armament was historically known as Sanctified, but this was changed with the introduction of Sanctify (330).

  • Sanctifying items will not make them holy armaments for the purpose of abilities, and holy armaments do not provide any of the benefits of sanctification.
  • However, many of the materials that produce holy armaments also provide a bonus to sanctification.