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Gender male
Race human
Service(s) Wheel of Fate
Specialty Farusteri
Venue Ebon Gate Festival
Status active

Farain is a merchant. He is the owner of the Ebon Gate shop Farain's Shack. He also plays a game of death or fate with a glittering pink wheel.


You see Craftsman Farain.
He appears to be a Human.
He is average height. He appears to be wizened with age. He has red-rimmed clear colored eyes and bronze-swept skin. He has short and messy, matted blue-black hair. He has a broad face, a straight nose and a curled mustache and a beard so majestic as to make a dwarf weep. He has lustrous salorisa pink lacquer brushed onto his oval-shaped fingernails.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a glittery pink spinner in his left hand.
He is wearing a primitive mossy beard crown, a dark mauve waistcoat hemmed with golden threading, an opaline snowball pin, some pink armor, a fitted white dress shirt affixed with ebon buttons, a large sack, some fitted pink suede pants covered in sheets of iridescent sequins, and some pink leather half-boots atop penguin-shaped crystalline heels.

The Wheel

This example was from Ebon Gate 2019:

The wheel features ten panels with the choices of: Farain decides your fate, Lightening, deepening, or lightning, WALK THE PLANK TWICE, <spun Person> decide your fate!, Farain picks your tattoo OR walk the plank, Take off a piece of clothing and walk the plank, General Alteration, Lightening, or Deepening, Lightening, deepening, or lightning, WINNER - Shock Lance Minor, Lesser, Major, Fluff OR WoundedWear T1, T2 OR Ethereal Armor FLUFF unlock, You win nothing.  The wheel is currently pointing at the panel - Farain decides your fate.