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Fineval was a elven Master of the Order of Voln who led a monastery of mainly non-humans near Elstreth around the year 4280. He and his followers were exiled under suspicion of spying for the Kannalan Alliance in year 4282, and they departed into the Southron Wastes. For hundreds of years, no one heard from the monks, and they were thought to have died in the wastes.

After the Battle of Tyllan in year 5020, an erithian pilgrim emerged from the wastes to spread the teachings of the Order to his homeland of Nathal-Ra. He told the story of how he met Fineval's company at one of the outposts they had established in the wastes, and how Fineval slew one of the arch-liches of the Horned Cabal in single combat, knowing that the battle would lead to his own death. After Fineval died, the remnants of the company continued to battle the undead in the wastes, and it was through their sacrifices that the Cabal's forces were weakened enough to be finally defeated at Skyreach.