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Fish Friends is a specialty shop in Mist Harbor. It is located on the Sandy Peninsula in Eastern Harbor and sells fish and fishbowls.

[Eastern Harbor, Sandy Peninsula] RNUM: 19382
Silvery mist plays across the glittering sands of the peninsula, and a cool breeze, created by the surf pounding against the beach, chills the air. On the southern side, dark shadows outline the beach where umbrellas and blankets are arranged for use, while to the north dozens of tide pools filled with salty water lay quiescent beneath the moonlight. A small child stands beside a small wooden cart with a striped awning. You also see a large driftwood sign.


In the Common language, it reads:

   Fish       |      Friends
          ,' .V. `.
         / .     . \
        /_`       '_\
       ,' .:     ;, `.
       |@)|  . .  |(@|
  ,-._ `._';  .  :`_,' _,-.
 '--  `-\ /,-===-.\ /-'  --`
(----  _|  ||___||  |_  ----)
 `._,-'  \  `-.-'  /  `-._,'
Place your order here for cart items.
    Look in the pools for fish. 

In the small wooden cart you see:

a small glass fishbowl 5000
a large glass fishbowl 15000
a medium-sized blue glass fishbowl 10000
a small wooden carton 2000

In the elliptical tidal pool you see:

marble pearl scale goldfish 22000
marigold silver veiltail goldfish 22000

In the deep tide pool you see:

murky green reddish-black squidfish 22000
tiny ruby red glimaerfish 22000

In the shell-lined tide pool you see:

turquoise white tiny aquamarine drakefish 22000