Fiwen's Heatsources

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Fiwen's Heatsources is a Premium Home Fireplace shop in Ta'Illistim. It is located in a large stone building with a central rotunda on Caear Var. Firewood is located in the east room.

[Fiwen's Heatsources]
Flawlessly maintained, a spacious and well-lit circular chamber houses a myriad of heat sources, all displayed on individual blue granite pedestals. Subtly decorated with vibrant-colored mosaic accents, eight fluted marble columns are spaced throughout, like standing guards of the perpetual fire blazing in the center of the rotunda. Near the entryway, a robe-clad assistant fitfully polishes the marble counter while keeping a keen eye on the shoppers. You also see Fiwen.


      Price  Item
1.)  170000  a gleaming glaes-trimmed stove
2.)  240000  a blue and grey granite-tiled fireplace
3.)  290000  a red and black marble-tiled fireplace
4.)  200000  a porphyry and granite-tiled fireplace
5.)  120000  a carved sandstone fireplace
6.)  140000  an oak-mantled riverstone fireplace
7.)  100000  a copper plated round-cornered stove
8.)  190000  a polished maoral-mantled hearth
9.)  150000  a grey granite carved gargoyle fireplace
10.) 100000  a deep blue granite firepit
11.) 100000  a round-bellied bronze stove
12.) 100000  a hammered steel brazier
13.) 120000  a deeply fluted pierced copper brazier
14.) 100000  a suspended pierced brass brazier
15.) 190000  a grey granite finely chiseled fireplace
16.) 220000  a rune-carved grey granite fireplace
17.) 180000  a grey granite ebon-mantled fireplace
18.) 190000  a finely carved blue granite fireplace
19.) 120000  a semicircular hooded granite fireplace
20.) 230000  a serpentine stone-mantled fireplace

Firewood (East)

1. an exceedingly dry split log   2. a chunk of dry firewood