Flimgrimy's Fishing Finds

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Flimgrimy's Fishing Finds is the fishing shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in a simple yellow-roofed store in a cluster of shops on Seathrak Way in Western Harbor. It sells fishing equipment.

[Flimgrimy's Fishing Finds] RNUM: 18259
Large and small plaques clutter the walls of the shop displaying a variety of mounted fish species and leaving no room for anything else, as evidenced by the cloaks and longcoats that are discarded on the floor beneath a window. Various cases, shelves, and cabinets house a motley assortment of fishing gear, while a counter set in the center of the store holds lures and lines. A faint track of mud and seaweed discolors the floorboards, its trail distinctly leading to and from the door.


Welcome to Flimgrimy's Fishing Finds!

Fisher Flimgrimy offers his Catalog to browse.
Flimgrimy exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a black-handled bamboo fishing rod   12. a colorful dragonfly lure
  2. a narrow river reed fishing rod      13. a translucent firefly lure
  3. a black willow switch fishing rod    14. a shiny red sea glass lure
  4. a spool of thin fishing line         15. a spindled water beetle lure
  5. a spool of crimson fishing line      16. a wiggly millipede lure
  6. a spool of sturdy fishing line       17. a rainbow guppy lure
  7. a spool of slim wire                 18. a cube of fatty red meat
  8. a spool of ebon wire                 19. a wall-eyed fleshy fish head
  9. a spool of thin silver wire          20. a plump inky black nightcrawler
  10. a tiny silver weight                21. a small hoarfrost-edged chest
  11. a small silver weight               22. a large frosted metal chest