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Flower Presses are highly customizable tools that allow the user to create a look for paper with a combination of settings on the utensil plus foraged and some pluckable flowers. They were released at Rumor Woods 5121 in the shop called ImPressions. While the main draw of this manufactory is the ability to customize other items, the press itself can be altered as well following guidelines in the analyze. Note: do not use quotes when altering these items as it will have undesirable results.


You analyze your cocobolo flower press and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

A polished cocobolo flower press is a "Flower Power" flower press that can be used to transform a (foraged item) into a parchment altering device.  Simply place a foraged item into the press and PINCH the handles together.  It will change the (foraged item) into "a dried and pressed (foraged item)" that can then be POINTed at any acceptable parchment to transfer its designs onto it.

The press has the following design options (which can be cycled through by using TURN):
Stock 1: Colorful depictions of (foraged item) trail down the left-hand side of the (paper), which also has bold whorls twisting throughout the design.
Stock 2: Decorative calligraphy strokes grace the (paper), while heavy lines and delicate pigments create (foraged item) design in each of the four corners.
Custom 1: This design has not been created yet.
Custom 2: This design has not been created yet.
Custom 3: This design has not been created yet.
Custom 4: This design has not been created yet.
Custom 5: This design has not been created yet.
Custom 6: This design has not been created yet.
Custom 7: This design has not been created yet.
Custom 8: This design has not been created yet.
Custom 9: This design has not been created yet.
Custom 10: This design has not been created yet.
It is currently set to transfer the Custom 1 design to the next (foraged item) placed in it and PINCHED.

This item may be altered freely so long as the design makes sense.  It does have a STOCK description that will always be present, but that can have the wood, bolts, and rune-color customized.
Wood Options: ash, beech, birch, black willow, cedar, cherry, cocobolo, ebonwood, fel, haon, hazelwood, linden, mahogany, maoral, maple, mistwood, modwir, oak, pine, rosewood, tanik, teak, walnut, white monir, witchwood, and zebrawood
Bolt Options: alum, brass, bronze, copper, faenor, gold, iron, kelyn, laje, mithril, pewter, pink gold, platinum, red gold, rose gold, silver, steel, vaalin, white gold, and yellow gold
Rune Color Options: amber, aubergine, azure, black, blue, brown, burnt umber, celadon, cerise, coppery green, dark green, forest green, garnet, golden, honey brown, indigo, lemon yellow, orange, primrose, rose pink, ruby red, sanguine, silver, tangerine, teal, and violet
Current Wood: cocobolo
Current Bolt: mithril
Current Rune: amber
Flower Power flower press Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Customizable Yes
Original Release Venue Rumor Woods
Original Release Year 2021
Tiered No
Item Verbs

Additional Information


Prerequisites: piece of paper, a foraged item (e.g. flower), and a flower press.

  1. Put a foraged item into the press
  2. TURN press to desired design
  3. PINCH the press
  4. Remove foraged item from press
  5. POINT the newly pressed foraged item at a piece of paper
  6. LOOK at the paper to see the newly minted design

Alteration Guidance

Articles, adjectives, and nouns of both the paper and the foraged item can be referenced uniquely as follows in your customized design. Some samples are available in the Analyze above. Do not include quotes (e.g. "A Snappy Slogan Here") in alteration requests for this item, as it will cause undesirable results.

* Stationery Article
* Stationery Adjective
* Stationery Noun
* Stationery Adjective & Article
* Foraged Item Article
* Foraged Item Adjective
* Foraged Item Noun
* Foraged Item Adjective & Article
* Foraged Item Plural Noun