Fyndra's Wall Hangings

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Fyndra's Wall Hangings is a Premium Home Wall Hanging shop in Ta'Illistim. It is located in a narrow building on Aaendarein Gaer in the east side of town.

[Fyndra's Wall Hangings]
The small shop has been tastefully decorated with magnificent antiques and pale colored rugs that emphasize the fine objects displayed on the walls. Lambent light from several ornate brass sconces plays lightly over all surfaces to further enhance the overall elegant setting. An elderly elven woman hums softly as she meticulously dusts a striking portrait of a beautiful and vaguely familiar face. You also see Fyndra.


      Price  Item
1.)  190000  a spreading fig tree painting
2.)  100000  a pair of elegant bronze sconces
3.)  110000  a veniom-rimmed silver crescent moon
4.)  200000  a faded and yellowed map of Ta'Illistim
5.)  190000  a desolate battlefield painting
6.)  120000  a subtly drawn Darkstone Bay sketch
7.)   65000  a woven maoral rootlet wreath
8.)  110000  a hammered copper sunburst
9.)   85000  an ancient tattered kilt
10.) 240000  an engraved elven battleshield
11.) 190000  a cloud-wrapped mountaintop painting
12.) 195000  a river valley landscape painting
13.) 140000  a neatly inked map of Ta'Illistim
14.) 100000  a beautiful silver filigree mirror
15.) 100000  a twisted black willow wreath
16.) 120000  a pair of burnished gold sconces
17.) 190000  a storm-tossed deserted beach painting
18.) 100000  a gold leaf framed mirror
19.) 200000  an age-darkened still life oil painting
20.) 120000  a detailed Ta'Illistim map