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The GRAPPLE (verb) is one of four unarmed combat attack commands. Grapple attacks are characterized by their ability to more easily disable opponents. Grapple attacks have a base roundtime of 3 seconds.


USAGE: GRAPPLE {player|creature}
       GRAPPLE {player|creature} {body location}

Example: grapple orc neck


You attempt to grapple a krolvin warrior!
You have good positioning against a krolvin warrior.
UAF: 126 vs UDF: 88 = 1.431 * MM: 99 + d100: 13 = 154
 ... and hit for 29 points of damage!
 Sudden balance shift throws the krolvin warrior forward!
 The krolvin warrior is knocked to the ground!
 The krolvin warrior is stunned!
Roundtime: 3 sec.

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