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The PUNCH (verb) is a dual purpose verb used for combat and roleplaying.

Punch is one of four unarmed combat attack commands. Punch is a quick (base roundtime 3 seconds), medium damaging strike that has a lower chance of gaining the next combat tier than jab attacks.

Punch can also be directed at players or inanimate objects.

Warning: PUNCHing another player is only player friendly when initiated from guarded or defensive stance.

USAGE: PUNCH {player|creature}
       PUNCH {player|creature} {body location}
Example: punch orc right leg


Attack version:

You attempt to punch a krolvin warrior!
You have excellent positioning against a krolvin warrior.
UAF: 126 vs UDF: 79 = 1.594 * MM: 113 + d100: 4 = 184
 ... and hit for 62 points of damage!
 Fist drives through ribs and into chest! Cold hands, meet warm heart.
 The krolvin warrior is stunned!
Roundtime: 3 sec.

Player friendly version (guarded/defensive stance only):

Punch <Player>
You give <Player> a playful little punch to the shoulder.

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