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The JAB (verb) is one of the four unarmed combat attack commands. Jabs are fast, light (low damage) blows that give the attacker a higher chance of gaining the next combat tier. Jab attacks have a base roundtime of 2 seconds.

USAGE: JAB {player|creature}
       JAB {player|creature} {body location}

Example: Jab orc right leg


You attempt to jab a dark orc!
You have good positioning against a dark orc.
 UAF: 104 vs UDF: 65 = 1.600 * MM: 81 + d100: 84 = 213
 ... and hit for 18 points of damage!
 Hard overhand strike to right shoulder penetrates skin and reaches muscle!
 The dark orc is stunned!
 The dark orc starts to favor her wounded arm!
 Strike leaves foe vulnerable to a followup grapple attack!
Roundtime: 2 sec.

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