Gedrick the Grey

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Gedrick the Grey
Storyline What Follows
Gender Male
Race Human
Hometown Trauntor
Relationship(s) Camryth (squire)
Alias/Title the grey
Affiliation(s) Trauntor, previously. Vornavis


Gedrick challenged one of the Trauntor knights to combat when he had been acting badly towards the peasants. Baron Greythane then knighted Gedrick as knight-errant to replace the knight he lost, Gedrick has labored since.

After a long ordeal, and taking young Camryth on as a squire, he was elevated to Knight of the Empire by Baron Dunrith Malwind on 3/13/2022 with Vornavis as his new home and liege. He accepted.


You see Sir Gedrick the Grey.
He appears to be a Human from Trauntor.
He is tall and appears to be an adult.  He has silver-flecked green eyes and tanned skin.  He has short, silver blonde hair.  He has a square-jawed face, a crooked nose and a short beard.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a weathered dark cloak, a heavy steel chain with a pair of broken golden spurs hanging from it, a faded heavy surcoat, a thick grey linen tunic, some studded thick leather gauntlets, a wide leather sword-belt with faint crimson embroidery, an invar-bound scorched fel scabbard, some dusty dark trousers with spattered with mud, and some padded scuffed steel sabatons.