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2008 Goals

Category: Discussions with Simutronics
Topic: 2008 Goals Discussions
Message #: 241
Date: 1/16/2008 9:26:07 AM
Subject: GemStone IV 2008

Happy New Year from the GemStone IV staff!

Before I get into the 2008 goals, I'd like to thank each one of you for continuing to make GemStone IV your choice for the most immersive roleplaying experience online. The strength of our community, both in game and out, never ceases to amaze me. I'm proud of what we accomplished in 2007, and as we head into 2008 there are a lot of wonderful things in store!

If you joined us at SimuCon, we made two big announcements. First, we're prioritizing Monks for 2008. This includes not only the profession itself, but also the Minor Mentalist spells as well as the unarmed combat system. The other annoucement was about the development of a large quest. These two projects are high on our priority list for 2008.

Since SimuCon, we've fleshed out many other projects for 2008. I will be sharing some of the highlights with you while others will be surprises for you. We also have a few impressive systems to release at the beginning of this year that we worked on for much of 2007. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list of projects, but merely a taste of what is to come.

2008 Project Highlights

Combat & Magic Systems:

  • Monks/Minor Mentalist spells/unarmed combat
  • Alchemy: Phase II
  • Premium homes upgrade
  • Mining/Smelting
  • Archery/Thrown weapons update
  • New spells & spell upgrades
  • Lore skill reviews

Communities & Towns:

  • CHE/MHO updates
  • Ta'Illistim Cleric Guild; library
  • Cysaegir lockers
  • River's Rest town and hunting area expansions
  • Zul Logoth hunting area and town updates
  • Teras expansion & updates; Glaesen Star updates
  • Gladiator Arena
  • Historical/racial documentation

Events & Storylines:

There are many storylines and events planned this year -- probably more than we've ever had before. Our goal is to effectively communicate what is going on in the storylines so that you can easily follow along and participate. Please be on the look out for information on the front page of the website and also the in-game NEWS. As always, storyline logs and discussions are welcome and encouraged on the forums.


  • Wonders of Elanthia - April
  • Ebon Gate (ticketed) - October
  • Highman Games - December


  • Mist Harbor expansion & hunting area
  • Historical documentation
  • Contests/raffles/events


  • Plat-only storylines
  • Custom titles
  • Contests/raffles/events

CE Systems:

  • Coding support for all towns, storylines & events releases
  • Mail
  • Quest
  • Many command upgrades

ALL of these efforts are supported by our impressive Training & QC team. This includes not only Quality Control, but also forums & bug support, as well as GameHost training and coordination.

Category: Discussions with Simutronics
Topic: 2008 Goals Discussions
Message #: 435
Author: GS4-SIRINA
Date: 6/26/2008 12:15:29 PM
Subject: 2008 Mid-Year Goals Update

>Previously announced highlights

Magic, Combat, & Technical Systems
Monks/Minor Mentalist spells/unarmed combat Progress ongoing, on target for late 2008 release
Alchemy: Phase II Possibly delayed due to staffing changes
Premium homes upgrade On target for 2008 release
Mining/Smelting On target for 2008 release
Archery/Thrown weapons update Planned for late 2008 release, but may be delayed in favor of completing monks
New spells & spell upgrades Ongoing (see below for releases to date)
Lore skill reviews Minor Spirit, Major Spirit, Cleric, and Empath circle reviews complete; other circles ongoing
Towns & Communities
CHE updates Ongoing (highlights include upgrades to Aspis theatre, Twilight, Paupers, Willow Hall, Obsidian Tower, & White Haven.)
MHO updates Ongoing (see below for releases to date)
Ta'Illistim Cleric Guild Released in January
Ta'Illistim Library Possibly delayed due to coding resource constraints
Cysaegir lockers Released in February
River's Rest town and hunting area expansions Ongoing (see below for releases to date);hunting area on target for 2008 release
Zul Logoth hunting area and town updates Ongoing (see below for releases to date);hunting area likely delayed until 2009
Teras expansion & updates Ongoing (see below for releases to date)
Glaesen Star updates Released in June
Gladiator Arena On target for 2008 release
Historical/racial documentation Ongoing (see below for releases to date)
Events, Promotions, and Platinum
Wonders of Elanthia Released in April
Ebon Gate (ticketed) Coming in October
Highman Games Delayed until Jan/Feb 2009
Mist Harbor expansion & hunting area In progress; hunting area likely delayed until 2009
Premium Contests/raffles/events Ongoing
Plat-only storylines Ongoing (see below for releases to date)
Custom titles Ongoing
Platinum Contests/raffles/events Ongoing
CE Systems
Player Mail In progress
Instanced Uber Quest Delayed
Many command upgrades Always ongoing
2008 Releases To Date Released Lead GM
Elven Ruhan document January Naos
Lich Storyline (Plat) January Ikaan
Adventurer's Guild rewards expanded January Coase
Society Tasks window added to StormFront FE January Coase
Updates to padding and damage weighting January Warden
Cysaegir fletching shop opened February Jacien
Teras mud baths upgrade February Liia
Spell: Spirit Servant improvements February Oscuro
Spell: Major Sanctuary improvements February Oscuro and Thandiwe
Onar storyline and release of Onar shrine February Andraste
Minotaur and krag creature updates/new labyrinth area/new minotaur document February Mestys
Grimswarm storyline and release of Guardians of Sunfist society February Coase
Teras Isle demon permit office opened February Liia
Mentors: SNowflake Carnival February Korelys
CONVERT FORSAKE option released March Oscuro
Combat guide update March Auchand and Strathspey
Prayer of Communion Guide released March Zyllah
Spell: Prayer of Communion updates March Oscuro
MHO Structure: House Dreadnaught released March Izzea
MHO Structure: The Black Wolves Clan released March Izzea
Changes to new player drop points May Bernt
Spell: NEW Regeneration spell April Estild
ARTISAN verb expanded to show exact # of ranks April Warden
Spell: Rejuvenation improvements April Mestys
River's Rest Voln expansion April Scribes
Tehir Cultural Document April Vaschka and Andraste
New human culture (Shakat) and Tehir language option April Ildran
Erithi clothing document April Xynwen
HEALTH verb updates April Coase
MHO Structure: Grey Moon Manor released April Izzea
Helga's storyline and upgrades (Platinum) April/May Naionna, Galene, & Auchand
Dark elven language document released May Lothwyn
Combat messaging options expanded May Ildran
Runestaff noun options expanded May Warden
River's Rest warren and smugglers' tunnels expansion May Scribes
New super cool loot generator May Strathspey
Inventory keeping its order on login/logout May Ildran
Mstrike/warcry/berserk updates May Coase
MHO Structure: HERT Watchtower May Izzea
Mentors: Garden Gala May Korelys
Spell: Minor Summoning - new demon type June Oscuro
Clothing system expansion and updates June Bernt
Mist Harbor Bureaucrat updates June Thandiwe & Vesmera
Spell: Loresinging and Elemental Detection improvements June Mestys and Naos
Erithi Maiden storyline (Platinum) June Itzel
MHO/CHE conversion (Platinum) In progress Itzel
Glaesen Star updates June Liia
Teras Isle empath guild updates June Liia
Teras Isle cleric shop merchandise updates June Liia
MHO Structure: Gryphon Holding updates June Izzea
Mirror, Mirror storyline June Thandiwe & Xayle
Still to come in 2008
Lumnea Festival in Ta'Illistim
Platinum: Free Summer Trials
Platinum: Fisherman's Tale storyline
Mist Harbor storyline
Solhaven temple completion
Wehnimer's Landing Frontier Days Festival
Mentors: Silverwood Wine Festival
Mentors: Tenth Anniversary Celebration
Grand Re-Opening of Teras Isle's Stormbrow Gallery
Party tents for all 16 CHEs
Icemule Trace storyline
MHO Structure: Cairnfang Manor
MHO Structure: Stormwild Hall
MHO Structure: The Gypsy Compound
Return of the Winterfest Caravan
Annual New Year's Eve GM Open House

2008 Simucon

Category: Quests, Sagas, and Events
Topic: Current and Upcoming Events
Message #: 4848
Author: GS4-SIRINA
Date: 8/22/2008 7:21:27 AM
Subject: Re: Simucon announcements

Announced at SimuCon:

There are town-based storylines in Icemule, Ta'Vaalor, and Teras Isle beginning in the late fall (post-EG for the most part). We're focusing on storylines in which players can actually influence the outcome to a degree, more than sweeping, world-changing events with a pre-planned, set-in-stone conclusion. The goal is more involving players than putting on a show for players to watch.

We are also planning a late spring/early summer pay event that will be service-oriented, along the lines of the Artisan Faire.

Previously announced, we plan the return of the Winterfest late this year (outside Icemule - it's there for a reason, and not just because it's the "cold" city), and early next year, the Highman Games. Both of these are free events.