Minor Mental

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Minor Mental Spell Circle
Circle Potency Semi
Sphere Alignment Mental
Relevant Stats Logic
Available To Monks
Associated Circles Major Mental
Savant Base
Minor Mental Spells
Soothing Word (1201) Utility
Iron Skin (1202) Defensive
Powersink (1203) Attack
Foresight (1204) Defensive
Glamour (1205) Utility
Telekinesis (1206) Attack
Force Projection (1207) Attack
Mindward (1208) Defensive
Dragonclaw (1209) Offensive
Thought Lash (1210) Attack
Confusion (1211) Attack
Shroud of Deception (1212) Utility
Mind over Body (1213) Utility
Brace (1214) Defensive
Blink (1215) Defensive
Focus Barrier (1216) Defensive
Vision (1217) Utility
Mental Dispel (1218) Utility
Vertigo (1219) Attack
Premonition (1220) Defensive
Mindwipe (1225) Attack
Provoke (1235) Utility

The Minor Mental spell circle is currently available to Monks only. This spell circle features a good mix of attack, defensive and utility spells.

Enhancements by Rank

All stackable and refreshable enhancement spells last for +60 sec per rank unless otherwise stated.

For lore enhancements, see Lore Chart.

Force Projection (1207)
Increased chance of knockdown.
Mindward (1208)
Adds +1 TD per 2 ranks above 8, up to a maximum of +40 TD at 48 ranks. Costs +1 MP per 2 TD (every 4 ranks).
Premonition (1220)
Adds +1 DS per 2 ranks above 20. Costs +1 MP per 2 DS (every 4 ranks).