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General Exchange is the general store in Ta'Vaalor. It is located on Emaereld Var, just south of the Amaranth Gate in a single-story limestone building.

[Ta'Vaalor, General Exchange]
The broad room is well-lit and meticulously clean. Row upon row of shelves displaying a multitude of goods fill the back part of the room, and a polished oak counter stands near the door, upon which sits a sturdy scale, a black-inked sign, and a mist-filled silver bowl. Brass lanterns are mounted on the walls, casting a warm glow over the wood-paneled walls and floor and driving the shadows out from between the shelves. You also see the merchant Phisk.


  1. a leather sheath                              10. a crimson belt pouch  (<1 lb/10 lbs - 5 items)
  2. a leather satchel                             11. a large faenor-bound chest
  3. a tapestry satchel                            12. a small metal-bound chest  (6 lbs/80 lbs)
  4. an herb pouch                                 13. a brocade satchel
  5. a heavy backpack                              14. a red velvet backpack
  6. a leather dagger sheath                       15. a gold velvet backpack
  7. a large cloth sack  (2 lbs/20 lbs)            16. a smooth stone
  8. a small cloth sack  (<1 lb/10 lbs - 5 items)  26. a small chest
  9. a black belt pouch  (<1 lb/10 lbs - 5 items)     

  Backroom Catalog
  17. a crimson wool wyvern-clasped cloak               22. a wide ebon leather belt
  18. a gold-frogged crimson leather longcloak          23. some tailored ebon linen breeks
  19. a ruby-clasped supple leather knapsack            24. a pair of black fitted wool trousers
  20. a gold-clasped supple leather knapsack            25. a pair of shiny ebon leather boots
  21. a gold-clasped crimson leather kit  (2 lbs/20 lbs)


look at Phisk

She looks as if business has been prosperous for her.

Phisk will buy empty boxes or chests from young adventurers. She will also accept donations of boxes from those past the first five levels.