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A listing of all town shops currently located in the realm of Ta'Vaalor. Each shop will have a listing of its current inventory.

Shop Name Shop Location Type Inventory Sold Shop Specialty
Airmen's Rest Mistwatch eatery food
Ambra's Musicalities Ta'Vaalor shop instruments
Annatto Rations Shop Ta'Vaalor shop food
Bee-utimous Yasrenila Compound shop apparel
Casu's Coffee Ta'Vaalor eatery beverages, brewing supplies coffee
Clentaran's Clerical Supply Ta'Vaalor shop clerical supplies, weapons
The Datum Line Burghal Gnome Enclave shop specialty maps and mapping implements
Elantaran's Magic Supply Ta'Vaalor shop magic supplies
The Elven Sole Repository Ta'Vaalor shop cobbling materials
Erulk's Fishing Gear Ravelin shop fishing supplies
The Fishing Shack Ta'Vaalor shop fishing supplies
Freshly Foraged Yasrenila Compound eatery food vegetarian fare
Gearheads Burghal Gnome Enclave shop general goods gnomish-themed accessories and tools
The Glimaerstone Heel Burghal Gnome Enclave shop cobbling materials
Helgreth's Tavern Ta'Vaalor eatery beverages
Honeycomb Hodgepodge Yasrenila Compound shop specialty honey and bee-themed items
Jidrael's General Shop Ravelin shop general goods
Kreldor's Locksmithy Ravelin shop locksmith supplies
The Legendary Rest Ta'Vaalor inn food
Lilly's Tavern Ravelin eatery beverages
Malwith Inn Ta'Vaalor inn food
Men's Clothier Ta'Vaalor shop apparel masculine attire
Natulcien's Healer Hall Ravelin shop herbs
Phisk's Sundry Wares Ta'Vaalor shop general goods
Ravelin Harvest Ravelin shop groceries
Samyrle's Salon Ta'Vaalor shop apparel
Saphrie's Herbs and Tinctures Ta'Vaalor shop herbs
Seregon's Leathers Ravelin shop armor, general goods leather-made items
Shind's Lockpicks Ta'Vaalor shop locksmith supplies
Stacked Vintners Burghal Gnome Enclave shop food wines and wine-making ingredients
Sweethen's Bakeshop Ta'Vaalor shop food baked goods and alcoholic beverages
The Ta'Vaalor Armory Ta'Vaalor shop armor
Ta'Vaalor Dye Wares Ta'Vaalor shop dyes
The Ta'Vaalor Forging Supply Shop Ta'Vaalor shop forging materials
The Ta'Vaalor Mail Room Ta'Vaalor shop mailing supplies
The Ta'Vaalor Weaponry Ta'Vaalor shop weapons
Tmareantha's Jewels Ta'Vaalor shop jewelry
Vonder's Archery Supply Ta'Vaalor shop fletching materials
Women's Clothier Ta'Vaalor shop apparel feminine attire
Woodland Whimsy Yasrenila Compound shop jewelry wood-crafted jewelry
The Woodsman's Chisel Ravelin shop tableware
Wyvern Elite Coastal Crafts Mistwatch shop ships