Gertie's Flavored Ices

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Gertie's Flavored Ices is a food shop in Solhaven. It is located on Bayside Road, just west of North Market.

[Solhaven, Bayside Road] RNUM: 1474
Bayside Road borders the North Market, bustling with noise and activity. The North Market Pier juts northwestward into the bay. A street peddler has set up her cart nearby, doing a brisk trade with thirsty shoppers. You also see the peddler Gertie and a small wooden sign.


|              *    *    *    *    *    *              |
|            *   Gertie's Flavored Ices   *            |
|          *   *                        *   *          |
|                                                      |
|                Flavors                               |
|                ---------                             |
|                1. A Winterberry Ice                  |
|                2. A Raspberry Ice                    |
|                3. A Strawberry Ice                   |
|                4. A Lemon Ice                        |
|                5. A Blaestonberry Ice                |
|                                                      |
|                                                      |
|    Just ORDER them by number to check the prices,    |
|           then BUY them if you like them!            |
|                                                      |
|  ** Type HELP for examples on using this system **   |


Gertie is dressed in a well-worn blue linen gown, with a saffron yellow apron tied about her waist.  Her grey hair is bound around her head in a circular braid.

Ambient Messaging

A young halfling lad rushes in, offering Gertie a handful of silvers. Gertie pulls a raspberry ice from her cart and passes the sweet treat to the boy.

A young sylvan girl smiles shyly at Gertie, who winks in return.

"Flavored ices! Refreshing, flavored ices for sale!" Gertie calls out across the square.

Gertie calls out, "Ices! Nice, cool ices for sale!"

Gertie stretches and yawns. "The sea air is good for your bones!" she proclaims, nodding sagely.

Gertie tidies up around her cart, wiping the surfaces with a damp cloth.

"My ices are the finest, sweetest treats in Solhaven," Gertie nods.