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A ghostly gardener is the care-taker of the Citadel Garden Shrine.


You see a fairly typical ghostly gardener. It appears to be in good shape. It has nothing at this time.

Idle Scripts

  • Inspecting the plants closely, the gardener seems to be checking for signs of disease or insect infestation. Nodding to himself, he seems to be satisfied with what he sees, then he pauses, as if considering his next task.
  • You think if you listen closely, you can actually hear the faint sounds of the gardener's tools while he works.
  • The gardener turns the soil at the base of some of the plants and pulls a few weeds. Strangely, the weeds actually come out of the ground and are neatly placed into a sack attached to the gardener's belt.
  • Suddenly, the gardener looks up and seems to be looking off into the distance, as if his ghostly spirit could hear or feel the garden's need. In just a moment the gardener gathers up his ghostly tools and glides off.

Aeia’s Gardener

The ghostly gardener wanders through the garden shrine plying his trade.

There is a lot of speculation on his origin. Many believe he is the depicted in the tapestry still hanging in the Staff bedroom, in the infirmary. He may have been a worker from the infirmary before it was destroyed when it was overrun. Unfortunately, like most of the lore behind the practices related to Aeia, the gardener’s origins have been lost to history.

He may even be the one mentioned in a loresong for a Hunt for History prize; an Embroidered green silk scarf

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