Gilded Lily

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The Gilded Lily was the sailing vessel of the Fortuneers. She was captained by a halfling named Jeroit.

The origin of the Gilded Lily remained unknown, but was was known was that she was lavishly decorated and built in an old elven style. She was selected as the mode of transportation to take the Fortuneers and allies from Solhaven west into the Great Western Sea to an archipelago where Sankir the Bloodfist was believed to have his home base. In addition, the base was believed to be the former one used by Keelagh the Scarbeard, a famous Krolvin pirate who had amassed a great fortune.

The voyage took approximately one day and the Gilded Lily arrived and anchored off the beach of one of the several islands. Unfortunately, barely had the Fortuneers disembarked, than the Gilded Lily came under attack by magic from Sankir. She was ultimately blown to smithereens, taking her rich trappings with her to the bottom of the sea. The Fortuneers later were forced to commandeer a galleon that belonged to Sankir to return to Solhaven, where the ship was docked permanently up until at least 5107 in the area known as Marshtown.