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Vornavis Caravansary

For hunting areas near Marshtown, see Marshtown creatures.

Marshtown is a small hamlet built atop a marsh northwest to the port of Solhaven.

Connected to Solhaven via the Market Bridge, Marshtown developed on stilts, barrel rafts, and boardwalks. It is the location of many of the port's docks, and was the resting place of the armored galleon that belonged to Sankir the Bloodfist. It contains a locksmith, furrier, jail, general store, and a well-stocked forge.

North of Marshtown is an old broken tower which serves a safe resting spot for adventurers. The road to the west leads to North Beach, Foggy Valley, and Bonespear Tower.

Transportation to River's Rest is found on the Live Bait, which routinely moors to one of Marshtown's docks.