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Use Ranged, Shields, Staves
Bonus +22
ST/DU 20/40
Rarity Very rare
Weight Modifier Unknown
Primary Color Unknown

Glowbark trees are named for the propensity of the trees to have tiny, phosphorescent organisms living in the bark of the trees, giving them a luminescence seen only during the darkest night of the moon's phase. It is also believed that the strong magic residing in the glowbark's wood adds to this shine, as well as benefiting the organisms. The glowbark is a medium-sized tree with generous, straight boughs, making it a fine choice for the production of magical items of all types. Glowbarks grow well in secluded forests within the western reaches of the Elven Nations, though there is a glowbark tree growing in the center of the gardens in Veythorne Manor.

The wood of a glowbark tree is highly magical, making it an ideal choice when crafting magical items. It is effective for creating powerful staves, shields, and even bows and crossbows.