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A simple map of Veythorne Manor

Veythorne Manor is a location in Ta'Illistim where one can play a few games of chance, such as Blackjack, an archery contest, or a thrown weapon contest. There are flowers growing throughout the manor and there is a garden in the center of the manor. There is also a dock where one can fish. Veythorne Manor usually admits anyone, but during the weekends, Veythorne Manor is closed off to all but elves and other citizens of Ta'Illistim. It is the private residence of Lord Vothurre Veythorne, a high-ranking Elemancer and Master of Lore.


The 'spectacled elven woman' can create keepsakes to personalize your memories of the manor -- but they must come from the grounds of the estate itself. If you keep a sharp eye, you'll be able to spot them, and when you do, ASK her about DESIGN if you think you've found something. This service costs approximately 75,000 silvers. She can be located in a 'silver-chased white shop', within the compounds of Veythorne Manor.


The following flowers/plants can be found throughout Veythorne Manor;

  • a crimson-swept bright flamestalk
  • a black-swept dark violet iris
  • a pale white pansy
  • a deep golden flaeshorn berry
  • a velvety dark violet windflower
  • a piece of verdant green moss
  • a flame-bright tulip
  • a red-swept dark violet wildflower
  • a pale white alyssum blossom
  • a pale blue moonflower
  • a pale golden linden blossom
  • a plump violet grape
  • a jade green leaf
  • a flame-red trumpetvine flower
  • a vivid multi-hued sirenflower
  • a sprig of pristine white jasmine
  • a cluster of angelica
  • a vivid dark blue snapdragon
  • a tendril of dark green ivy
  • a soft black orchid
  • a pale stargazer lily
  • a thin-veined dark oak leaf
  • a near-black violet
  • a crimson-swept deep black rose


The following designs can be created by the elven woman;

  • 1: A (insert flower/plant from above) strung upon a thin silver chain.
  • 2: A (insert flower/plant from above) encased within a crimson-chased glaesine orb.
  • 3: A (insert flower/plant from above) pendant swept with pale silver patterns.
  • 4: A (insert flower/plant from above) talisman wrought with a tangle of dark crimson.

Making the Keepsake

  • Step 1: Hold the flower in your RIGHT hand.
  • Step 3: Type "ASK WOMAN ABOUT DESIGN".
  • Step 4: Select the design.

Wonders of Elanthia Historical Discussions

This guide was given by Delphinese the Ardenai Elf Scholar.

"I stand humbly before you at the gateway to the famous gardens of the Veythorne family, which are currently under the care of Ta'Illistim's well-respected Elemancer - Lord Vothurre Veythorne. The grounds are well maintained through both mundane and magical means and the kind Lord has allowed visitors of the Shining City to take pleasure in these gardens. However, during the weekends the grounds are closed to all but elves and citizens of the city. As you can see, the path moves both east and west from here. Eventually the two paths reunite within the grounds. Immediately to our east is the Gaming Hall that house the Blackjack and Poker tables. For today, we are going to travel the western path. The Manor grounds are riddled with pockets of treasures waiting to be discovered. Not all of the treasures are of a natural variety, and this building here is an example of that. Run by one of the servants of the Manor, this shop sells picnic baskets which come complete with blankets. Later in the evening I will share a meal with you all using one of them. This building here belongs to one of Lord Veythorne's huntsmaster's. He enjoys running a game of dagger throwing at the back of his house. It will cost you silvers to play, but it can be an amusing way to display your skill. Additionally, the cooking fire for the fish that can be caught in the lake is located here. At this point, I would like to draw your attention to one of the fairer specimens of the garden. The dark violet irises are here for your enjoyment and the Lord of the Manor does not mind sharing their beauty with you. This is one of two entrances to the main garden of the Manor. We will not be traveling down it just yet, but I wanted to point it out to you. Fishing supplies, chests lined in rhimar - designed to preserve the fish you catch, and bait can be found within this shop. There is also a guidebook on the unique species of fish located in the bodies of water found in the Elven Nations. Behind the shop is a dock which has several boats that can be used to head out into the lake to start fishing. To either side of this shop is a pier that you can fish off of if you prefer to remain out of the lake's waters. Here you find the second entrance to the gardens, but also a truly unique shop. I will step inside to explain more of its purpose. Please step with me. This lovely woman here will take any of the natural treasures - flowers, petals, leaves, or the like - that you find on the grounds and turn them into keepsakes for you. You merely have to ASK her ABOUT the item in your hand so that she can turn it into a KEEPSAKE for you. There are four different designs to choose from. Though, the price might be consider much the value is beyond its worth in silver, but remember that you can find several specimens within the grounds. Within this house you will find a bowman that is willing to play a bit of a game with you to test your skill in archery. Once again, there is a fee for the game, but it is nominal. The lovely fountain here can be a delight to enjoy some time beside; the waters are soothing and tranquil. This Inn marks the last building of our tour. It is a quaint structure housing a bar, sitting room, and kitchen. Several local favorites are served here, along with a fine elven wine. This concludes my tour of the Manor's grounds. At this time I would like to guide you back to the entrance of the gardens so that we might enjoy a picnic there. I've selected some of my favorites from the inn. Once we are there, I will pick a favored spot and set up the picnic. I encourage you all to take the opportunity to explore the gardens at your leisure. They are quite lovely and have many treasures."

Discussion Questions

Delphinese asks, "Does anyone have any questions on the shop?"
Velvette asks, "Can you buy the guidebooks?"
Delphinese says, "It is stationary."
Velvette asks, "And will my fishing pole from the pier work here too?"
Delphinese says, "It should, yes."
Lunaryna asks, "From Tyramia?"
Delphinese says, "I believe so."

Belnia says, "I would wish to inquire what the Huntsman or Bowmaster would give to anyone who could best them in their games. I've been trying for years to beat the bowmaster."
Delphinese says, "To be honest, I've yet to best him myself."

Raaine softly asks, "I have heard that other races can enter if in the company of an elf, is this right?
Delphinese says, "Only during the week, not on the weekends."

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