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Glyph Adorned Baldrics were created by GM Mikos and premiered at Ebon Gate 2018 in Sorcerial Sartorial. It is the small statue version of the Quartz Orb Baldric, but unlike those this item can hold four (4) charges per tier.


You analyze the glyph-adorned yoke and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

Looking over the yoke and inspecting its finer details, you realize that it will always need to be "a/n (whatever)/glyph-adorned/baldric or yoke".  This means the item's article CAN be changed.  Only "baldric" and "yoke" are valid as nouns, and the adjective of "glyph-adorned" is unalterable.  Also, the allowed wear-locations are shoulder-worn for baldrics and front-worn for yokes.  So if your alteration involves changing the noun, realize the wear-location MUST BE changed also.

NOTE:  The script's description of the yoke refers to it as "Constructed of layers of (color) (material)..." and bearing "...rows of faceted glyphs...," so keep that in mind if you request an alteration.  The material and color of the yoke CAN be changed.  This item cannot accept a SHOW description, since the script already utilizes that field.

The color that the charged glyphs glow CAN be changed.  It must be no longer than fifteen characters.

If you were to play with the glyph-adorned yoke, then you'd find that you can analyze, wear, remove, clench, push, and rub it.  RUB releases/casts a charge previously stored from a small statue.

This is a Tier 1 yoke, with four tiers in total.  This yoke is sold OTS with one tier unlocked.

SCRIPT NAME: Glyph Adorned Baldric

This yoke CANNOT be deepened at all.


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