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A small statue is a treasure system found item which contains the spell Spirit Guard (1712), adding +25 to all forms of DS. Statues can also be purchased in pawn shops (approximately 1500 to 1600 silvers for 4 charge statues) and playershops subject to availability. Each statue contains two to five charges but will generally be found with four, and weigh 2 lbs. each.

Small statues are activated using RUB. They are rechargeable. No Magic Item Use skill is required; however, training in MIU will increase the duration. With no MIU training, Spirit Guard will have a flat 1200 second (twenty minute) duration when using a small statue.


The small statue is formed from the highest quality material. It is strikingly crafted in fine, superb detail. The statue seems to represent a supernatural entity of great power, possibly a god.