Golden Helm Inn

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Golden Helm Inn is a food shop in Kharam Dzu. It is a prosperous-looking establishment with a uniformed dwarf at the door, located on Ghorsa Isle on the river Muagh. Adventurers can CHECK IN at the front desk in the lobby to adjust their skills, and there are private rooms upstairs.

The Golden Helm Hearth Room is located through a wood and glaes door east of the entrance. Here there are tables, added in the year 5120, where adventurers may sit and rest.

The Golden Helm Bar is located through the curved arch east of the entrance. It is outfitted with comfortable couches and a hearth and basket of sticks to make a fire. Hanging on the wall is the vultite claidhmore that once belonged to Thorgig Ten-Killer, a giantman warchief who signed the treaty at Mount Sunfist.

[Golden Helm, Bar] RNUM: 12505
Two soft horsehide couches are set before a cozy stone hearth. From behind the rosewood bar, a bald giantman grins perpetually. Great hooded candles are set on low tables along the walls, providing a soft, reddish light. On the wood-paneled walls, two paintings are hung next to a great vultite claidhmore. You also see a spotted hound that is lying down, a basket of sticks and a curved arch.


Item Price
a roasted thrak sandwich
The smoky barbeque sauce provides a piquant accent to the roast meat.
Delicious. Isn't it great being a carnivore?
a stein of Helga's Own ale
The interplay of wheat, hops, and yeast creates a flinty, dry crispness.
Elusive scents of orange and clove mingle with the sweet, yeasty flavors.
a glass of winterberry wine
A pleasant, complex flavor floods your senses, and you can detect a myriad of berries and sweet spices swirled within the elven wine.
A surprising dash of mild citrus adds a poignant climax to the subtle flavors of berries and sweet spices.
a snifter of 75 year old cognac
The fermented warmth of the honey golden liquid disappears in your mouth, almost as if that sip were just a dream.
Its mild flavor belies its soporific effect.
a shot of Trollkiller whiskey
Dark and complex, this whiskey has a well-rounded flavor of floral leaves and wood smoke.
The aroma of peat, layered over a range of wood and smoke scents, finishes with a warming alcoholic tang.


The owner's dog, Duke, is a spotted hound who has free reign of the Golden Helm Inn.


The hound is a large animal, with a beautifully marked head, a soft brown and white spotted coat, long floppy ears, and deep amber eyes.

A spotted hound wanders in.

A spotted hound wags his tail.

A spotted hound raises its head and sniffs at the air, getting a bit of stray ash in its nose and sneezing wetly.

A spotted hound sniffs at you.

A spotted hound jerks one hind paw forward to scratch at his neck.
A spotted hound sits down.

A spotted hound raises its head and sniffs at the air, getting a bit of stray ash in its nose and sneezing wetly.
A spotted hound sniffs at you. The spotted hound clambers to his feet, turns around in a circle then eases back down onto the floor.
A spotted hound opens his mouth in a wide, gaping yawn as he curls up on the floor for a nap. The hound wakes up. A spotted hound sniffs at a ceramic bowl and nudges it with his nose. A spotted hound cocks his head to one side. A spotted hound thumps his tail against the floor. A spotted hound sniffs at the floor. A spotted hound perks its ears sharply and lets out a momentary, low growl.
A spotted hound pads east. >pet hound The hound wags his tail as you pet him. >hug hound You give a big hug to the hound, who responds by nuzzling at your neck. >kiss hound The hound flicks his long, pink tongue out at your chin. >rub hound The hound closes his eyes and bats at the air with one hind leg as you roll him over onto his back and rub his belly. >poke hound The hound licks your fingers as you poke at his ribs.