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Inns are establishments in towns or the countryside that offer temporary shelter. Generally, each inn has a front desk where visitors may CHECK IN, as well as a limited number of private tables, which are sanctuaries and nodes, but are not super nodes.

Wehnimer's Landing
Name Desk Tables Rooms Other Features
Raging Thrak Inn New adventurer advice
Wayside Inn
Frith's Inn
Helga's Tavern Sleepy when off-duty
Silvergate Inn House membership
Abandoned Inn
Icemule Trace
Thirsty Penguin New adventurer advice
Nightowl Pub Gate guards when off-duty
Malwith Inn New adventurer advice
Legendary Rest
Kharam Dzu
Golden Helm Inn
Mother Lode Inn
River's Rest
River's Rest Inn
Solhaven Inn
Zul Logoth
Bawdy Bard Inn
Shimmarglin Inn
Moonglae Inn
Feystone Inn
Naerine Hostelry
Kraken's Fall
Mist Harbor