Goodun's Cheap Used Stuff

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Goodun's Cheap Used Stuff is a weapon shop in Solhaven. It also sells some armor and armor accessories, and is located in the Vornavis Caravansary two west of the entrance. Many of the items seem to have come from the You Bet Your Life Armory and Weapons With a History in the Northern Caravansary.

The armguards and shinguards inspect as leather and, thus, can be treated with Nature's Touch and worn with metal armors.

[Goodun's Cheap Used Stuff]
The interior of the wagon is hung about with a variety of what are obviously used weapons and a few pieces of armor that have seen better days. These are evidently samples of this merchant's wares rather than her full inventory, and you're left to rely on the merchant to find out what's available. You also see the merchant Sammi.


Welcome to Goodun's Cheap Used Stuff!

Sammi offers her catalog to browse.
Sammi exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a dull main gauche        9. a muddy light crossbow
  2. an old estoc              10. a light cross bolt
  3. a rusty tiger-claw        11. some caravaner's leathers
  4. a dirty flamberge         12. a dusty set of studded leather
  5. a slightly bent mace      13. some cuirboilli armguards
  6. a dull mithril awl-pike   14. some cuirboilli shinguards
  7. a weathered short bow     15. a reinforced cuirboilli shield
  8. an arrow                  16. a slate grey surcoat

The backroom does not offer any merchandise.