Greth Rottgut

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Greth Rottgut
Storyline The Nazhor Chronicles
Clipped Wings
Gender Male
Status alive
Hometown Mist Harbor
Relationship(s) Protector of Zofiya and Penre
Affiliation(s) Owner of Stumbling Pebble Bar II

Greth Rottgut is the proprietor of the Stumbling Pebble Bar II in Mist Harbor. He is generally an automated Non-Player Character, but has on occasion appeared as a GameMaster NPC in multiple storylines and also at Windfellow's Retreat, where he held a raffle for an unlimited keg of a new liquor he'd developed.


A large individual, Greth has the distinct look of a powerful man gone somewhat soft as the years have passed.  Smile lines have sprouted around his hazel eyes, and his bald head shines in the torchlight.