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Inevitable is a premium storyline that began in Mist Harbor on January 24th, 2021.

Get Involved

  • Primary storyline events are held on Thursday at 8pm EST and Sunday at 3pm EST. Most start at Stumbling Pebble Bar II. These events are scheduled for the purpose of allowing players to easily participate and interact with GM NPCs. They are not the only means of being involved, nor the only time that player-to-player activity can occur.
  • For help getting started you can visit the Premium channel on the official Discord server, or check in during one of the scheduled storyline times. Plenty of people are willing to hang around after the 'official' activities die down, and would be happy to help you get up to speed. Also, make sure to watch the GemStone Events Calendar and the official forums to stay on top of any hiatuses or cancelled events.
  • Posting a character vignette on the forums is another avenue of interaction. A vignette is a short and descriptive piece of writing that captures a brief period in time, usually giving indication of what a character may be doing and/or feeling in a particular moment or series of moments. Writers of all skill level can do this, as the most important aspect of a vignette is the enjoyment of creating it.
  • With regards to vignettes, GM Quilic invites everyone to email him ( if they desire feedback. He can share what your character might experience as it relates to the story, or give guidance on ways their skillset could allow them to get involved.

Common Locations

  • Ilsola's Office: Hale Hall -> just inside and east -> some sturdy wooden doors
  • Greth's Bar (Stumbling Pebble Bar II): Western Harbor -> intersection of Waterbug Way and Seathrak Way -> a ramshackle brown-shingled store
  • Safe Haven and Militia Headquarters: Western Harbor -> cemetery at the end of Fishmonger Way -> the door in the cliff -> a nearby tunnel

Player Character Points of Contact

  • Militia Recruitment Contact: Defender of Mist Harbor Akenna
  • Provisioning Contact: Loremaster of Mist Harbor Rohese
  • Material Support Contact: Defender of Mist Harbor Naamit



Ilsola receives a mysterious warning: run. She later discovers her house, and another, have been marked with a yellow X.


A guest lecturer, the Nalfein half-elf Katillios Esh'Na'Vellus, spoke at the recent Mist Harbor Library Lecture about Choice. It seems a straight forward lecture about the ramifications of making decisions, and owning up to them, until Katillios delves into her painful history and the cause of it: a mysterious warlord with whom she is enraptured.


Many messages intended for Ilsola have been getting reverse pickpocketed into the containers of Mist Harbor adventurers. These messages contain confusing, and inaccurate, frustrations towards the Mist Harbor administration (namely Ilsola). However, a deeper investigation of these decoy messages reveals hidden information with a continuation of the dire warning: the warlord is coming, and we should prepare.

Further deciphering revealed indication of a traitor among us, a friend helping the message author, a strange magical quill purchased from an old man a day before he was murdered (likely the instrument used to create the messages), and an artifact of some kind that is powering the warlord to impossible feats.

The current plan is to mobilize the Mist Harbor Militia, remain vigilant in hopes of catching the note writer and their friend, and meet again in several days time.

Until then, seek out Akenna and Rohese on how to help the Militia, keep your gaze wandering and report buildings marked with an X, and inform Ilsola of anything strange you spot!


Lormesta 28th, 5121


Or so it seems as Ilsola expresses concerns at receiving letters from residents implicating others without proof. Is our fragile community doing the wishes of the warlord by imploding into ourselves?!

It appears not everyone is sitting idly by writing letters though...

Coulton reports his attempts to contact his guild about the matter have drawn unwanted attention in the form of threats from the shadows.

Jaysehn reports on his exploration into the wilds, and uncovering what perhaps may be a digging site performed by the earliest Leiffen brothers. The brothers found a deposit of serpentine, and everyone promptly died. Is this what the warlord is after?!

Meanwhile, buried in research, Tolwynn found a journal entry describing black ships attacking during the day, wave after wave of something killing any that stood against it, and a sphere that gave the author nightmares. The page simply ends with a note, written by a different hand: Location 17. Is the sphere the artifact? Are we location 18?!

Ilsola waits no further and says more action is needed: find the 'friend' who she thinks is in town or close by, and continue to report any sightings of buildings marked with an X in yellow paint.

Remain vigilant and we will prevail!


Lormesta 28th, 5121


Akenna's home has been marked just as Ilsola's was!

The warlord's spy picking another target? Or the scheming of her neighbor Talinvor losing his patience with Akenna's tea kettle in the morning?

The plot thickens...


Lormesta 31st, 5121


Thoughts of this being a prank are no more as Ilsola's house exploded into flames, and she herself was kidnapped by unknown assailants! The constable assumes temporary command and orders: find Ilsola.

More letters have been distributed to adventurers around town with the warning that the warlord has arrived. Is it already too late to flee? Why is the warlord here themselves?!

Sothog and Faerinn have researched the yellow paint, with assistance from the Alchemist and Dyer, and have discovered that it is not actually paint at all. The marks cannot be damaged, even if the door behind them is hacked into with an axe. What kind of strange magic is this?

All is not lost, and hope remains though...

Darcena and her pack have been seen patrolling the neighborhoods. A bit rough around the collar, and her choice of cuisine leaves much to be desired, but the sense of safety is hard to ignore. Make sure to leave a bloody rolton haunch outside your door! Hey, that rhy...

Anyone concerned for their safety should relocate to the Safe Haven for now.

As usual brave citizens and visitors, we will get through this. Remain vigilant!

Coming Up

  • A Meeting of Our Own: Thursday, February 4th @ 8pm EST (QST) (meet at Greth's)
  • Militia Patrol with Akenna: Friday, February 5th @ 8pm EST (meet at the Safe Haven)

Useful Information

Several things have happened in-game that might be useful for other characters to have information about.

X Marked Locations

These locations have been marked with a yellow x.

  • Ilsola's home (found in game but not accessible (it also blew up))
  • A home nearby to Ilsola's (owned by an elderly shopkeeper) (found in game)
  • Akenna's home
  • Collectibles Shop

Decoy and Hidden Messages

Expand each box below to see the decoy message and the hidden message found by characters who whispered a key word to the note that was placed in their belongings.

Phase 1 Notes

Phase 2 Notes

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