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Fire started behaving oddly on Mist Harbor in January, including burning much hotter and faster than it should. In the wake of this, the Stumbling Pebble Bar II bore a brief investigation, its own fireplace victim of the unpredictable flames and bearing an odd symbol. Individuals wearing red and orange cloaks were reported to have trespassed in Iyo territory, and adventurers learned about the existence of a cult, the Hyssch (translated from Iyo to "Eternal Flame"), which was attempting to acquire what the Iyo were protecting. Since then, a massive fireball devastated an Iyo village within the jungle. Uhlen, a crafter and trader among the Iyo, and Kiyonna, a researcher who has grown to be accepted among the Iyo, have shared some insights into the nature of the Hyssch, its Circles, and those targeting the Iyo.

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