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The Greyvael family were one of the most prominent lines of House Illistim. They were the most likely to be courtiers, or have proclivities for the fine arts and high culture. They rivaled the Loenthra in their love for affectations. There have been many marriages between the Greyvael and Loenthran noble families for this reason, and there was little they loved more than being involved in the frivolities of the royal courts. Thus, the socialites of Ta'Illistim, their parties were legendary for their decadence.

The younger Greyvaels of the present age are regarded as shrewd investors, purchasing and renovating estates to reap their property values. There have been a number of artistic prodigies in the history of the family, with several having pieces in the Hanesyddol Museum of Ta'Loenthra. They are frequent contributors to the museum. Isildrich Greyvael Illistim was the poet who coined the phrase "The Shining City", which has since become more famous as the sobriquet of Ta'Illistim than the poem from which it originated.


Family Flourish: a stylized silver harp

Family Statement: "Change the world to fit your vision."

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