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The Hanesyddol Museum of Ta'Loenthra is a major institution of the fine arts. It is known for its paintings most especially, housing ancient works as well as those of Elven prodigies. Of the few works known to have survived the Undead War, for example, the museum possesses two paintings depicting ShadowGuard. One portrays Taki Rassien having spilled a goblet on a map, with a young boy looking upon it with portending doom. The other shows a fortress bereft of life. The exhibition "Glyptics, Seals and Intaglios: Selections from the Hanesyddol Museum of Ta'Loenthra" was most recently on loan to Museum Alerreth in Ta'Illistim.

Quite a few members of the Greyvael family from House Illistim have had pieces in the museum over the millennia. Veythorne Manor has been the subject of numerous landscape paintings as well, owing to the Veythorne family's penchant for magical botany and the elaborate garden of the ancient estate. Many of these works are featured at the moment in the Hanesyddol Museum. With the resurgence of interest in the ancient tradition of landscapes owing to the exoticism trade in the fringes of the Turamzzyrian Empire, there is now a city-funded school in Ta'Loenthra focused on the subject, with many new artists having been features in exhibitions at the museum.

The historical arts are represented unevenly, owing to periods of disinterest, or neglect and decay at other times. Portraits older than the reign of Celemerun Illistim, for example, will mostly have Arkati as subjects. Latter-day depictions would tend to be even more fictional. There was a relative absence of creative expression during the Age of Chaos, and shift toward merchant class or even subversive art in later periods. These will tend to be over-represented due to their novelty.

Known Affiliates

Works of Artistic Scholarship

Museum Representatives

You see Duenath Faloreth Loenthra the Scholar, Representative of the Hanesyddol Museum.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is tall and appears to have come of age. She has pale-lashed blue eyes and fair skin. She has long, wavy silver blonde hair worn in a trailing plait over her left shoulder. Her ears are backswept, with elongated, pointed tips.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a nubby amethyst and grey wool capelet, a pair of over-the-knee grey silk boots, and a backless grey silk gown belted with a fan of graduated nacreous feathers.

You see Curator Lenryn Celitur Loenthra.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is tall.  He appears to be in the prime of life.  He has silver-flecked cobalt eyes and tan skin.  He has long, glossy copper red hair braided at the temple.  He has a narrow face, a classical nose and slightly pointed ears.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a sapphire-plumed dove grey velvet cap, a vaalin-buttoned cinereous and lyard marbrinus longcoat with fitted lower sleeves, a dove grey silk shirt with a laced collar and ruffed sleeves, a mazarine marbrinus doublet with cobalt moreen sleeves jet-buttoned in front, some dove grey silver-threaded silken hose with ash satin leaf borders, and a pair of grey leather shoes.

Behind the Scenes

The term Hanesddyol is Welsh for Historical.

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