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Gender male
Race Burghal gnome
Profession Inventor
Service(s) Shield alterations
Specialty Grobey shields
Venue Festival of the Fallen
Ebon Gate
Status active

Grobey is an inventor. He is responsible for creating a shield that can turn into a arm-worn item such as a bracer.


You see Grobey the Inventor.
He appears to be a Burghal Gnome.
He is short.  He appears to be very young.  He has twitching jade green eyes and copper skin.  He has a bald head.  He has a square face, a pinched nose and dimpled cheeks.
He is in good shape.
He is holding an oak brown hoarbeam bracelet inlaid with yellow topaz in his right hand.
He is wearing a open-necked white cotton shirt with loosely billowing sleeves, a whorled zelnorn vambrace etched with tiny dancing gnomes, a scorched leather bag, a pair of loose fitting dark leather breeks, and a pair of cracked leather boots with thick soles.