Hall of Patrons

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The Hall of Patrons in Ta'Illistim is a place of worship for the patron Arkati of the elven houses.


[Hall of Patrons, Vestibule] RNUM: 4033
Cool marble floors and frescoed walls enclose this spacious entryway. Candlelight flickers brightly from brass wall sconces, illuminating the area and seamless marble columns support a large archway to the north, opening into a large rotunda. To the south, large gated doors stand open.

The vestibule is a holy shrine of Voln.

Town Cleric

The town cleric, and a holy shrine of Ronan, is located east of the vestibule.


[Hall of Patrons, Rotunda] RNUM: 745
Eight arches supported by gold-veined marble columns encircle this large rotunda. A forged chandelier hangs suspended from the lofty, domed ceiling, illuminating the room. Six pedestals form a small circle beneath the chandelier, in the center of the rotunda.

An embossed leather tome in the rotunda contains images of the patrons of the elven houses.

Master's Conservatory

The Master's Conservatory, located through the western arch of the rotunda, houses a chapter of the Order of Voln.

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