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Originally named the Hanging Inn, The Abandoned Inn is a place for congregation and rest, located in the Upper Trollfang before Danjirland. It contains several locations of note, including a public workshop and the Abandoned Inn crystal.


A series of smuggling tunnels run underneath the Abandoned Inn, and wraiths, giant marmots and dark orcs populate the area.


The Abandoned Inn has ten tables just north of the curtain on the west wall of main entrance. Ghostly waitresses take customers orders and deliver the food and drink several minutes later.

The ghostly waitress returns and puts a glass of water, a bowl of fruit, a roasted potato, a roasted chicken on the table. With a nod and a smile, she floats off.

a small sign
Welcome to the Abandoned Inn!

Please order using the number of the item you'd like as listed on this menu.  You can order up to six items at one time (ORDER 1 2 3 4 5 6), and they will be delivered to your table by one of our waitresses.

1) - A Glass of White Wine  - 175 silvers
     A fine vintage from a local vineyard.
2) - A Glass of Red Wine  - 175 silvers
     Good color and a lovely bouquet.
3) - A Cup of Tea  - 100 silvers
     A delicate blend of fine herbs, served hot.
4) - A Glass of Water  - 50 silvers
     Thirst quenching and goes well with anything.
5) - A Tankard of Ale  - 175 silvers
     One of our most popular drinks, imported from a dwarven brewery.
6) - A Bowl of Fruit  - 150 silvers
     Freshly picked seasonal fruit, perfect for a light snack or dessert.
7) - A Roasted Potato  - 175 silvers
     Only the largest potatoes are slowly roasted for this fine dish.
8) - A Batter-Dipped Onion - 175 silvers
     Unique to the Abandoned Inn, this deep fried delicacy is sure to please.
9) - A Thick Thrak Steak - 200 silvers
     Marinated in red wine and seared to perfection.
10) - A Roasted Chicken - 200 silvers
      There's nothing foul about this poultry pleaser.
11) - A Skewer of Roasted Vegetables - 175 silvers
      Fresh vegetables brushed with wine sauce and cooked over an open flame.
12) - A Wedge of Cheddar Cheese - 150 silvers
      A generous portion of finely aged cheese.

Table names: Tables:


In 2008 the tavern restocked its shelves. The tavern was just to the west of the main entrance.

a small sign
Welcome to the Tavern at the Abandoned Inn!

Please order using the number of the drink you'd like as listed on this sign.

1) - A Glass of Djinn Gin  - 250 silvers
     Just what you've been wishing for!
2) - A Tankard of Pale Ale  - 175 silvers
     A shade lighter of your favorite drink.
3) - A Cup of Herb Tea  - 100 silvers
     Sweetened a different way, with just a dollop of our special marmot-alade!
4) - Some Bogey Man's Brew  - 250 silvers
     What the thing that goes bump in the night is getting up for.
5) - A Glass of Wight Wine  - 175 silvers
     Only the finest grapes go into our own special vintage.
6) - Some Barghest's Blue Ruin  - 250 silvers
     Have a little more of the hair of the dog that bit you!
7) - A Mug of Spectral Cider  - 100 silvers
     Only a touch of spirits for spice.

There are several well-appointed rooms on the second floor, yet none of them have latches on the doors.

There is also an attic which at one time was overrun with wraiths. These were handled with the most recent renovation. The attic now houses the master sitting room and bedroom, as well as the Abandoned Inn Gift Shop.

Public Workshop

The public workshop is located in the Smuggling Tunnels. To access the workshop, one must complete an Arkati-related puzzle in a mural by indicating by touch which god corresponds to the lines in a given poem.


The Abandoned Inn was renovated and renamed its prior name - the Hanging Inn - but the name Abandoned Inn was reinstated shortly after. Prior to the renovations, wraiths roamed the upstairs and the attic. Prior to the renovations, the office downstairs was frequently used as a resting and healing spot, however it was not a node or a sanctuary.

There is a diary in the office of the Abandoned Inn. It reads:

Diary of Inger Natanial
Proprietor, the Abandoned Inn

After what seems like forever, saving every silver and making a number of hard sacrifices, we finally have enough money to buy the property for the Inn once more.  The building has fallen into disrepair, is infested with rodents, orcs and wraiths, and will take quite a bit to fix back up, but I know that it will resume its former comfortable quality once again.

My wife is looking forward to opening a gift shop in the Inn.  I tried to talk her out of it.  My ears are still ringing.

I have hired a contracting crew to begin work on the Inn's restoration.  While the local adventurers have done a marvelous job of keeping the wraith population down, my contractors have asked them to leave so that we might finish the job and get on with the work.  We've closed the Inn to everyone save the workers, who are renovating as I write this.

Three of the contractors have been reserved by my wife to work exclusively on her gift shop.  I did my best to explain the impracticality of this arrangement, but she was very vocal in her protests.  The hearing is starting to return to my right ear.

The work is nearly complete!  I am so very excited to see the Inn taking shape out of the wreckage it had fallen into.  The floors have been repaired and resanded, tables have been added to the dining room, and we have added a tavern and gaming room to what used to be here.  I have hired a good deal of new staff in anticipation of the work being done.

The gift shop is being redecorated for the second time, as my wife was unhappy with the way it turned out the first time.  She was very vocal with her displeasure.  On another note, I have had to replace a crate of glass wine goblets.

From my office, I can see the front door of the Inn.  I know now that, within the next two hours, those doors will open, and the first new guests of my establishment will walk through them. The tables are set.  The rooms are cleaned.  (The gift shop is ready, finally.)  My dream, our dream, is finally coming true.

We will continue to call it the Abandoned Inn, for that is what it has been known as.  It is symbolic of the hope abandoned in ever seeing this day come to pass.

If only my daughter could have been here to see this day.  It was her greatest desire to see this place restored, to hear happy voices echoing through the halls again.  Her death left an empty place that I will never again be able to fill.  I smile to think of how happy she would have been today, and am glad I could fulfill her dream.  If only it were not too late for her to see it.

A brass-linked blue crystal pendant was offered as a souvenir to players upon renovation, which possesses simple messaging via the tap verb.

As you touch your blue crystal pendant, a brilliant spectrum of light radiates from it!  Reds to indigos, golds to ambers, every color scintillates from it in a beautiful display, dancing to a range of softly ringing notes.  After a moment, it falls still.