Harbor's Harvest

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Harbor's Harvest is a shop in Mist Harbor that sells groceries and/or cooking supplies. It is located on Gardenia Lane in a peak-roofed shop shaded by colorful striped awnings.

[Harbor's Harvest] RNUM: 33751, u3201920
Multipaned circular windows dot the front wall, allowing fragmented beams of sunlight into the cozy but otherwise dimly lit shop. Dozens of woven seagrass bee skeps dangle overhead, interspersed with ribbon-tied bundles of dried herbs. Opposite the entrance, a high, slat-sided acacia counter blocks access into a rear doorway, but myriad rhimar-lined boxes and woven baskets can be glimpsed through the long, beaded strands curtaining it.
Obvious exits: out


  1. a chunk of golden yellow honeycomb      9. a saltcellar of black sea salt
  2. a bottle of cold frothy milk            10. some pale green gull eggs
  3. a carafe of cold spring water           11. a crock of heavy cream
  4. a canister of brewer's yeast            12. a canister of bittersweet cocoa
  5. a crock of coconut palm sugar           13. a packet of aromatic cinnamon
  6. a burlap bag of muscovado brown sugar   14. a tiny jar of finely grated nutmeg
  7. some curlicued baboon lemon zest        15. a canister of rolled oats
  8. a small sack of cassava flour           16. a jar of bright yellow butter

Backroom Inventory

  Backroom Catalog
  17. an icy glass of strawberry rum punch   20. a papaya and pineapple fruit cup
  18. a sour grumbleberry candy              21. a jug of coconut milk
  19. a glistening slice of red watermelon