Harbor Bistro

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Harbor Bistro is a food shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in the alley in Eastern Harbor. One can order from any of the tables in the dining room (go table), or the kitchen.

[Harbor Bistro, Kitchen]
Bustling activity enlivens this room as cooks prepare the day's fare. The clanking of pots and pans rings through the air, while the scents of delicious consumables cooking permeates the area. Steel-topped tables in the center of the room are laden with trays of food waiting to be served, while several fireplaces house fowl roasting on spits. The wooden door that leads back outside is flanked on both sides by paintings on the wall.


Welcome to Harbor Bistro!

Chef Vincenzo offers his Harbor Bistro Menu to browse.
Vincenzo exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  Harbor Bistro Menu
  1. a mug of sweetened coffee         11. a round buttered biscuit
  2. a cup of pomegranate tea          12. a scallop and mushroom soup
  3. a tall glass of berry juice       13. a cup of clear turtle consomme
  4. a glass of passionfruit juice     14. a bowl of chicken stew
  5. a thick citrus smoothie           15. an arugula and watermelon salad
  6. a flute of fruity white wine      16. a skewer of beef medallions
  7. a glass of dark red wine          17. some savory cedar-plank salmon
  8. a goblet of pale icewine          18. a slice of duck and garlic pate
  9. a cube of smoky white cheese      19. a piece of blueberry pie
  10. a selection of artisan cheeses   20. a half-vanilla half-chocolate cookie