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The Harbor Library is a book repository located in the Eastern Harbor section of Mist Harbor. It is located through a white picket gate on Pelican Lane.

How to borrow books

An ebon-haired slender human librarian says, "There are numerous books throughout this library, just find one that interests you -- most should be able to be read right here in our facilities -- and GET it. One of our assistants will give you a price to check it out and when it will be due. If you have a book and want to know when it's due back, hold it in your right hand and ASK ME about CHECKIN."

>get tome
A spectacled library assistant wanders up to you and asks, "You would like to check out a blue-spined  brown leather tome?  Certainly -- it will be due back in 10 days if you decide to check it out and you'll be charged 1250 silvers.  Just GET it again and I will check it out for you."
>get tome
A spectactled library assistant wanders up to you and nods, "I see.  This will be due back in 10 days -- please see the librarian here to check it back in.  I'm afraid if you're late in returning it, we'll have to charge a hefty fee and inform the town authorities if your tardiness has been chronic.  Thank you for your patronage."  Moving swiftly, he takes your silvers and then wanders off.  When he returns, he's holding a near exact duplicate of the tome -- which he then hands to you with a smile.
"Enjoy."  He says before wandering back off.

>ask lib about check
An ebon-haired slender human librarian says, "The brown leather tome in your right hand is due back in Imaerasta, 5110.  The day it is due back is at Niiman, day 30 of the month.  It must be checked in before 20:04 on that day."

The fine for an overdue library book is 75,000 silvers and the book will be confiscated.

Available Books

West Wing
East Wing
  • The Elanthian Divination Guide, Volume 1
  • The Elanthian Divination Guide, Volume 2
  • The Elanthian Divination Guide, Volume 3
  • The Elanthian Divination Guide, Volume 4
  • The Elanthian Divination Guide, Volume 5


An ebon-haired slender human librarian

Pert-nosed and petite, the librarian's hair is caught up in an elegant twist and bound in place by twisting teak hairsticks. Slender black tendrils escape their confines to frame her slender face, which is comprised of a pouty mouth and cornflower blue eyes. Covering her slender frame is a pale grey shift with tapered sleeves that she wears under a violet lady's surcoat decorated with silver whorls.


Lifting her eyes to the door, the librarian gazes at people passing on the street with disinterest.

Moving to a catalog, the librarian makes tsking sounds as she reads.

One of the frosted globes near the entry begins to flicker. Lifting a stool out from behind the desk, the slender human librarian moves to just beneath the spluttering fixture and, stepping on the stool, taps the glass several times. After perhaps fifteen light raps, the globe returns to a steady glow and the librarian returns to the desk with her stool.

Resting on her stool, the slender human librarian picks up a book from the top of the desk and begins to read.

Sudden laughter erupts from the northeastern wing, its sound high and jovial. Pursing her lips, the slender human librarian rises from her perch upon the chair and strides towards the offending sound.
Several moments pass with the librarian's absence from the desk, the time punctuated by a deep silence.
Grinning to herself, and adjusting her surcoat, the librarian returns and resumes her place behind the desk.

Taking a pile of books from the cart, an ebon-haired slender human librarian slips out of the room for several moments. When she returns, her arms are empty.