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The Kingdom of Hendor was a predominantly human kingdom that existed from 4288 to 4630. Presently, the cities and territories which made up the kingdom are within the Turamzzyrian provinces North Hendor and South Hendor. Its major cities were Lolle, Waterford, and Nydds.

The kingdom's symbol was a white star against a green field. It is no longer used except by a minority who advocate for an independent Hendor.


The first king, Thurbon I, established the kingdom when he united the two cities of Lolle and Waterford in 4288. The kingdom espoused a friendly relationship with non-humans and eventually came into conflict with the Turamzzyrian Empire when Selantha Anodheles declared war on Hendor in 4294. For the next sixteen years, the war waged and waned, until Emperor Chaston Kestrel signed a treaty of peace with Thurbon's heir, Thurbon II.

In the years that followed, Hendor's non-human population was boosted by immigration out of the Turamzzyrian Empire which followed the issuance of Chaston's Edict. At the same time, Hendoran troops pushed northward and expelled humanoids from frontier territory. This campaign is noteworthy for the victory over orcs by General Pfelstev at the Battle of Mensyl Pass in 4357.

In the 45th century, Hendorans were the first to make and establish communication with the Tehir in the Sea of Fire.

The Kingdom of Hendor was also notable for having developed the first feudal system in western Elanthia under the rule of Bethellick the Bold, wherein aristocrats gained more rights and power. The Turamzzyrian Empire did not replicate such a system for at least two more centuries until the Rysus Codex.

The Witch Winter was the primary cause for the collapse of Hendor. It began in 4628 under the power of the Ice Queen Issyldra, which placed Hendor under a perpetual winter. Issyldra invaded the winter bound kingdom with armies of humanoids which overcame Hendor's defenders, and the kingdom collapsed in 4630. Those Hendorans who survived the Witch Winter did so mainly by fleeing as refugees into the Turamzzyrian Empire, where they contributed to a progressive movement within the aristocracy.

The lands of Hendor were only reclaimed after Llaestal Anodheles and Rasimm Roelas, along with a band of adventurers, killed Issyldra and ended the Witch Winter. The Witch Winter ended, Turamzzyrian troops recaptured the fallen cities and the region was incorporated into the empire. From this point on, the kingdom was divided into northern and southern earldoms.